Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We've Only Just Begun......

white lace and promises....
a kiss for luck and we're on our way.....

I'm going to a wedding this weekend. A real wedding too. This one's not taking place in someones backyard and happening because the bride really needs dental insurance or something like that. This is something I actually had to go out and BUY a dress and fancy heels for because I didn't own anything like that. It's kind of exciting, its been wow 9 years since I have been to one of these. Now if it had been a funeral I would have been prepared mind you, I have been to 8 of those in the last 2 years. So I'm thinking it should be a good time, I am going on the arm of the most devilishly handsome best man ever so it's starting off on a great pair of feet.

And also in the past month, 2 couples I am friends with became engaged. One shocked the heck out of me, I had no idea he was thinking of proposing though I knew in the long run it would happen. The other not so much shocking seeing as the groom-to-be made sure most of us knew. Both were extremely romantic and I am so happy for both of them.

Then I got to thinking - am I seriously missing all of my girly stuff part of me. Yes I am less girly than most females but I am female- I didn't own a dress who's sole purpose was to be worn to funerals until recently but I look all woman in the one I did buy, I hate pink sparkly glittery things I prefer black with like skulls or something, I don't gush over babies or engagement rings but I do feel happiness for those they belong to, I watch and know more about sports than my boyfriend (which has happened quite often to me, actually) and I don't daydream about my wedding and have no idea if I even ever wanna be married....again...do I?

I never really got the big wedding thing. My dream was always to go to Vegas and have some Elvis impersonator perform the ceremony. Now that's doing it up right! With a big wedding you spend so much money on something that lasts only a few hours. I knew a girl a couple years back who spent $11,000 on her wedding dress. Are you crazy?? You wear the thing once, one time!!!!! I don't get it and I could do some much more with that much money. I could never be one of those girls in one of the big ole Cinderella gowns - the best part of a wedding reception is all the free booze and I could just never get drunk in a dress that's bigger than me. Ugh and people dance those stupid group dances at these things don't they? Oh I hope there is no drunken Macarena or the Electric Slide! I don't think I can handle that. And don't expect to see my huddling up with all the other single ladies in hopes to be the lucky lady who catches the bouquet and be the next one in line to get hitched. I will be sitting in the sideline watching all the young giddy girls fight over who has the best spot and then proceed to watch them dive and yank and pull trying to be the one to walk away with the shredded bouquet.

But I am excited to get to this thing. Mainly because my date, my boyfriend, is the best man. And I don't really know his friends - and this is kind of like my coming out to them. I suppose I am kinda nervous, I mean I have met a few of his friends and they all seemed to like me ok but there's something about this that has me a bit nervesy ya know? See my boyfriend is that great guy that everyone has in their crowd. And I'm an outsider. And he is soooooo so so like able, I don't wanna end up the girlfriend everyone dislikes.

And did I mention I have to wear a dress?

wish me luck!


Well since I was lame and never posted this I figured I could just tack the follow up onto the end of this

Wedding came and the wedding went. And it was a BLAST!

Got to Philly Friday afternoon and was still feeling quite ill from the my stomach stuff that week so I skipped out on the rehearsal dinner and felt crappy for doing so but I wanted to be as close to 100% for the wedding as I could.

I spent most of Friday night sleeping and woke up Saturday feeling much better than I had the day before. I got ready at my boyfriends place and headed out with him to meet a couple friends of his we were giving a ride to and to get some coffee. And at this point I was the only one of us that was dressed up so I felt a tad awkward but it was all good. We got our coffee and proceeded to the motel where everyone was meeting and got stuck hanging out there for awhile til we were eventually shuttled off to the site of the wedding.

The wedding was held at Ridley State Park in the Delco in PA. What a beautiful site for a wedding. Hung out for awhile before the ceremony and made friends with an awesome Philly transplant living in Brooklyn and the wife of one of his friends whom I had met on a previous trip. The ceremony was a Quaker ceremony. Not being from PA and having no friends who were Quakers I had never been to a Quaker wedding before and it was a lot different from any wedding I had seen before. The wedding party spent most of the ceremony sitting down (bonus for them) and then everyone sat there in silence until someone was moved to speak. So we sat. And then people began to talk and everyone said very sweet things. Then the silence and the speaking was over and they were man and wife and now it was time to start the drinking.

I wasn't sure where my boyfriend had run off to so I found Ms Philly-transplant in the alcohol line and joined her and soon was knocking back some white wine. We got along great and had a blast with each other when my boyfriend made his way over to me, he said he was just checking to make sure I was ok and I think it helped that he saw me being social and meeting people and not just sitting in a corner somewhere. I got to spend some time with his mom whom I had only met briefly once before when we picked her up at the airport late at night. His mom is awesome and I think she likes me so yay bonus for me. And wow did I meet alot of his friends - I had people coming up to me all night - "oh so ur Alex's girlfriend" - talk about feeling like ur being put on display - but all and all I think I made a good impression, I did even get an invitation to Christmas Eve with Nate the Elf or something like that and one friend of his whom he thought would probably be irritated by me seemed to like me just fine. . And we danced. I actually slow danced, with a man. Can I just say I haven't done that since my sophomore year of high school. But it was nice. It was really nice. We drank and had so much fun and when it was all over we had a trunk full of pawned off liquor and champagne and wedding cake (that I never got to eat) and took ourselves home where we changed and headed out for more drinking.

So it went well I think and I cant wait until the next time I get to hang out with my boyfriend and his friends and not have to be in a dress! Or feeling like I am being put under a microscope.

Here's some pics if you wanna see.

and behold the greatest best man speech in the history of best man speeches:

And then the next morning I woke up feeling like death and with no voice, turns out its just pneumonia though...I'll be fine.