Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Project No Smoking By 35 - ONE MONTH!!!!

Today is my one month smoke free anniversary!

I for one didn't think I could do it and now that I have I wanna celebrate! One month without a cigartette! This is HUGE!!

Yep I am officially very proud of myself!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Project No Smoking By 35 - Still Smoke Free!

Can you believe it? It has been almost a month since I decided to quit and I am still not smoking! I am so damn proud of myself. The e-cigarettte has really helped and I find myself using it less and less everyday. Today I have ordered my first super low 6mg nicotine "smoke juice". 3 more weeks and I will move on to 0mg nic smoke juice and will be smoke AND nicotine free. I feel like a friggin' rock star you have no idea.

Besides the fact that I am sick now that is but even sick feels better as a non-smoker.

Here I am with my e-cig (and one of my most fave people in the world) ain't I cool?

Ok well I am sick so back to bed for me I just wanted to write a quick update while I had some energy.

Dude smoke free, GO ME!!