Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Project No Smoking By 35 - So Far So Good!!

22 days in and I am not smoking cigarettes!! AT ALL!! The first week went about the same as my last post though I was only having 1-1.5 cigarettes a day after day one and two. As of  Sunday November 14 I haven't smoked a single cigarette. And this is why:

This is what my e-cigarette looks like except mine is red and prettier. It is saving my life. It is soooooo easy to use and makes me feel like I am smoking except well it tastes way more awesome. I have been switching between neat flavors like menthol (thats like Wrigley's gum), vanilla, cinnamon, tiramisu, maple frosted rolls, butterscotch caramel cheesecake and apple cider. I use it some during the day but mostly if I am drinking and this was a holiday week so there were 6 straight nights of that. I am really getting into this whole e-cig and will definitely be keeping up with it as my safeguard from slipping up with smoking when I drink.

Also Alex and I have the same last day we smoked a cigarette and I am even more proud of him than myself. And if that e-cig can help him, dude it can help anyone!

Thanks to my buddies Lisa and Matt for all their e-cig info and help! It is way appreciated!



Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Project No Smoking By 35 has begun!

Mission - To be 100% smoke and nicotine free by my 35th birthday
Goal Date: January 4, 2011
Days In: 2
Days Left: 48

So it has begun.

I have smoked since I was 15. Minus the 5 years I quit in my 20's, I have always been a smoker.

Normally when I attempt to quit smoking I keep it to myself. Mostly because when I fail I don't want to have to admit that I have failed. This time I am as serious as a heart attack (huh huh huh) about quitting. About 2 or 3 weeks ago I began not smoking as much at home especially during the daytime. It got to where I had cut back from about a pack a day to half a pack and then before I knew it I was down to 5 or less a day.  My problem was going out to bars and drinking. I always go to smoking bars for convenience. I like to smoke when I drink (so this means I won't be at 12 Steps or The Dive anytime soon). But other than that and a few massive video game marathons I had cut back enough to where I have now decided to officially begin my Project No Smoking By 35. I always swore I would quit by 35 so here I go! It's was time to quit for real!  I did the research and talked to some friends and decided that my crutch during this mission is the e-cigarette.

Day 1 - Yesterday was day one. First big no smoking move: NO MORE SMOKING IN MY HOUSE!! Since I am not using a patch or gum or anything I allowed myself a couple drags off a cigarette to curb the I'm Gonna Kill Everyone's that I was getting.

# of Cigarettes smoked - 2.5

Day 2 - Officially ordered my E-Cig! Once it gets here I will no longer allow myself cigarette drags.

# of Cigarettes smoked so far today - 0 - as of 3:13 pm I have no yet had any drags off a cigarette today.

Did I mention my boyfriend is quitting with me? He is using Chantix to help him but he just started taking that yesterday and it has to build up for 7 days before he quits cigarettes completely so now he is smoking outside and limiting his work day cigarettes and tomorrow he starts NO SMOKING IN THE CAR!!! I am so proud of him. Hell I am proud of both of us!

So yeah I seem peppy and enthusiastic about all this now. I just hope I can keep this momentum up.

If you have quit and feel like sharing words of advice or even non smokers wishing to give a few words of encouragement in this journey are really appreciated!

Wish me (us), luck!!!!



Return of the blog

Not like anyone missed me but for my own why didn't I write for 3 mos question if I ever look at this again or if someone else is actually reading this here is what you missed.

I went to Maine :-D
While in Maine on my first full day there I broke my foot/ankle :-(
I was laid up for 2 mos, no walking, no going out (crutches arent made to commute in the city) :'-(
I got better and am back in full swing! :-)

Thats pretty much it. Of course the awesome happenings may be recapped here soon but maybe not. We shall see.