Thursday, January 8, 2015

1/8/15 - Songs I Forgot About - Jets to Brazil "All Things Good and Nice"

I have a very large digital music library.
I love it.
With my 160GB iPod I have been able to carry my music collection with over the years when I have lost countless other possessions and tokens from life. But my music is always with me. And when I listen to my music I tend to do a lot of shuffling so that I am able to get a sampling of all the kick ass music I have found over the years. In doing that I always find little gems that I forget exist. So now I am gonna start collecting them here. Because if I am gonna make my blog goal for the year I gotta post post post right?

Today's edition is this gritty ballad from the indie rock band Jets To Brazil - its got the flavor or a Beatles-esque melody being mixed up with an 80's power ballad.

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