Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Reconnecting With My Past

I have lived in 13 states in my life.
5 of those I lived in before I graduated high school.
After high school I did A LOT of moving around.
I never regretted any of it. I love that I have lived all over. The only downside of all my moving around was losing touch with everyone from my growing up and teen years. I didn't lose contact with just a few, I lost touch with them all. Even living back in the area I grew up in I never reconnected with anyone.

In 2003 I moved up to New York from Virginia and knew no one. I began spending more and more of my free time on the internet. A friend of mine introduced me to Myspace and I joined up. I put up a very basic profile without much info and added the only picture I had on my computer at the time, myself with no makeup, my hair in pigtails, laying on my bed in my Skankin' Pickle tshirt. Nothing fancy, just me. Of course now I have a very detailed well designed profile and something like 16 albums of pictures, but thats now, not then. Back then Myspace wasn't half as fancy and not nearly as populated as it is now. About a week after I joined I was playing around on the site and was all excited when the new message icon appeared on my homepage. I journeyed to my inbox to find a message waiting from "Wes" titled "Is this Tracy ********?" Now no one I knew at that point would have ever known my maiden name so I opened it out if curiosity and was shocked to find that "Wes" was actually my very dear, very awesome friend I had lost touch with oh so many years ago. Wes had been like my adopted older brother when I was in high school. He even dated one of my closest friends at the time because back then I was awesome at the whole fix-up thing. Wes had been the one to fix me up with my first real boyfriend. And here he was back in my life after 11 years. That summer when I went back home to visit he and I hung out and I got to see other friends that I hadn't seen in ages. Thank you Myspace.

Over the next few years I continued to use Myspace and Google to locate others who I had lost touch with. Oh the glory of the internet! I always had one friend who was unfindable though and she was the most important. She was my best friend from high school, Karen. Karen and her family had moved to Virgina from Australia when we were just starting high school. When we first met each other, well lets just say we didn't hit it off (cigarette butts and ketchup anyone?) The boy I hung out with and her brother were beat friends so she and I were always around each other and soon she and I were inseparable. Where one of us was you knew the other wasn't far. All those things you discover and learn and all those rites of passage you go through as I teenager I went through with Karen. She was amazing. She was like a tiny ray of sunshine with lots of attitude. All my firsts were done with or because of Karen and I do mean all of them. Funny thing was her parents thought *I* was the bad influence! I truly believe Karen helped me to become who I became. After 5 years together her family had to move back to Australia. We had a couple of phone calls and a letter or two before we lost touch. All the female friends I have had since I have always measured up to her and while same came very close none could ever take her place. Then recently on a whim I decided to make another attempt at searching for here and this time DISCO! there we was with a Facebook profile. Or at least someone with her name in AU. So I messaged her and the next morning in my inbox waiting for me was her reply! I was a giddy as a school girl with a crush. Now that I have her back I will not be letting her go anytime soon! I feel like I have a piece if me back again.

Hmmm I wonder who else I can find??

I love the internet!

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