Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sick In The Summer Sucks.

So our Best Friends Day adventure this past weekend in Richmond has left both Alex and I with what we are referring to as the Richmondic Plague. HE never ever gets sick like me and he is so ill it makes me feel worse because I am too sick to take care of him. I am guaranteed at least one summer cold a year. At least its not swine flu like last year! But not quite what I have in mind when I think about spending a week in bed together.

I have read so many comic books, watched the entire first season of The New Adventures of Lois and Clark and soooooooooooooo many zombie movies including Boy Eats Girl which was the only one good enough to mention - Raiders of the Dead which had Richard Grieco in it was just too awful for words and Zombie Death House was just meh and it took too long to get to the zombies - I hate that.

Tonight it's Pho (the #1 cure all when you are sick - I call it the new ' tussin), OJ and Ginger Ale, rewatching the Big Brother season 6 premiere (my fave season and I need to remember what its like when the BB house is full of awesome houseguests and rivalries), Batman Beyond The Hood, some more zombie flicks and maybe a few kung fu movies.

I gotta get better, man. I leave for my Saratoga weekend Friday!

Coughs and Sniffles,

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