Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Project No Smoking By 35 has begun!

Mission - To be 100% smoke and nicotine free by my 35th birthday
Goal Date: January 4, 2011
Days In: 2
Days Left: 48

So it has begun.

I have smoked since I was 15. Minus the 5 years I quit in my 20's, I have always been a smoker.

Normally when I attempt to quit smoking I keep it to myself. Mostly because when I fail I don't want to have to admit that I have failed. This time I am as serious as a heart attack (huh huh huh) about quitting. About 2 or 3 weeks ago I began not smoking as much at home especially during the daytime. It got to where I had cut back from about a pack a day to half a pack and then before I knew it I was down to 5 or less a day.  My problem was going out to bars and drinking. I always go to smoking bars for convenience. I like to smoke when I drink (so this means I won't be at 12 Steps or The Dive anytime soon). But other than that and a few massive video game marathons I had cut back enough to where I have now decided to officially begin my Project No Smoking By 35. I always swore I would quit by 35 so here I go! It's was time to quit for real!  I did the research and talked to some friends and decided that my crutch during this mission is the e-cigarette.

Day 1 - Yesterday was day one. First big no smoking move: NO MORE SMOKING IN MY HOUSE!! Since I am not using a patch or gum or anything I allowed myself a couple drags off a cigarette to curb the I'm Gonna Kill Everyone's that I was getting.

# of Cigarettes smoked - 2.5

Day 2 - Officially ordered my E-Cig! Once it gets here I will no longer allow myself cigarette drags.

# of Cigarettes smoked so far today - 0 - as of 3:13 pm I have no yet had any drags off a cigarette today.

Did I mention my boyfriend is quitting with me? He is using Chantix to help him but he just started taking that yesterday and it has to build up for 7 days before he quits cigarettes completely so now he is smoking outside and limiting his work day cigarettes and tomorrow he starts NO SMOKING IN THE CAR!!! I am so proud of him. Hell I am proud of both of us!

So yeah I seem peppy and enthusiastic about all this now. I just hope I can keep this momentum up.

If you have quit and feel like sharing words of advice or even non smokers wishing to give a few words of encouragement in this journey are really appreciated!

Wish me (us), luck!!!!



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SerenityNow said...

Good Luck Tracy! Me and my boyfriend are planning to quit as our new years resolution. We are going to replace the binges with P90X sessions and get out fitness in line. You are a super inspiration to continue our goals! Wishing you and Alex all the best!