Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let's Talk TV: True Blood

OK so I never hopped on the True Blood fanwagon.  Vampires just haven't done anything for me since high school.  But everyone watches it so TV addict that I am I decided that I needed to sit and watch it.  I watched the entire first season of the HBO OnDemand and while I really wanted to like it - I did not.  The writing just killed me and since my ultimate dream is to write for TV and win an Emmy, I am picky about it. And the dialogue just killed me.  It's like a 12 year old was putting the words into their mouths.  So I gave up.  But then a friend mine whose opinion of TV and movies and music really matters to me suggested I give season two a shot. So I did and my feelings changed immensely.  It's not that the words coming out of their mouths got much better but the story was 1,000 times better.  I started to become hooked. I finished season 2 in two days and got myself all caught up on the new season and am excited for the next installment.

So now for my list of personal favorites and not so favorites -

BEST MALE CHARACTER - Lafayette - damn he has really just been the most incredible since the beginning. I really love that man. And he is one of the only ones who has some really great lines.

BEST FEMALE CHARACTER - Pam - and no not just because I love Kristin Bauer Van Straten but because I love bad girls.  And she has had some of the best lines on the show after Lafayette. Sorry Sookie fans, she drives me kinda mad.

MOST ANNOYING MALE CHARACTER - Bill - while I appreciate him for who he is I hate the way they write his dialogue.  It's just plain bad and ruins the character.

MOST ANNOYING FEMALE CHARACTER - Tara.  Sorry I just can't get into her.

SEXIEST MALE CHARACTER - ummm Eric - duh. Alexander Skarsgard is just gorgeous - also an honorable mention goes to James Frain who just joined in Season 3 - and is uber yummy.

SEXIEST FEMALE CHARACTER - Pam - Kristin Bauer = hottness. 'Nuff said.

RECURRING CHARACTER I JUST CANT STAND - The Queen - I really just dislike Evan Rachel Wood as an actress A LOT.  Pretty or not I don't know how she gets work.  Bad casting, TB. Bad, bad casting.

BEST EPISODE SO FAR - Season Two Episode 9 - "I Will Rise Up" - I thought the after math of the explosion in Dallas was well told and it was one of the best written episodes of the show. And that is saying something. And Godric's death all be it not as explosive as I would have hoped was very poignant. 

Also, how rad is the theme song? I do love the way they use the music they use in the show.

These are just my opinions - I would love to hear your thoughts on these topics as well.  Participate! Comment!

So yes Michael, you win.  I am hooked.  Thank you.

Now run along and  DO BAD THINGS!


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