Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh Netflix, I missed you so.

I gave up Netflix when I moved to Philadelphia 18 months ago.  It wasn't that I wasn't pleased with Netflix, I was addicted to it.  Mainly it was cancelling the account and then having my dick wad ex take over said account because of the mailing address and stealing all my viewing history and ratings by changing the email address and starting it up again.  I was irritated and didn't set it up again until recently when I could take the time to rate a crap ton of movies so I could properly utilize all the features the site has to offer. And boy am I a happy girl. When I had it before there was no watching the instant view stuff through the xboxs and ps3s right to your TV,  you had to buy a box for that. Score! Also, I had no Xbox 360 before either. Bonus of being a gaming nerds girlfriend.

So now that I have it again I have been drowning myself in the wonder that is British television once again.  I love British TV I really do.  And none of my British friends are really TV watchers so I don't get a lot of "he you should watch this" from them so I rely on Netflix to help me discover new shows.

I recently just finished watching:
Skins was amazing.  How had I not been aware of this show until now?  The cast was brilliant, the music was brilliant, the story was brilliant, the characters were brilliant - it was all just BRILLIANT. If you haven't watched you should.  Its how TV should be done. Curse words, nudity, in your face realness.

And now I am watching:

Hotel Babylon - Oh this show is fun! It's witty, the characters are enjoyable and all work so well together. I have watched 2 full series so far.  But what really gets me going about this show is Dexter Fletcher.....

Yeah.....yeah....I like him. And his character Tony is one of my fave on the show just as a character.  He does play him smashingly though....

OK enough talking about it I am going to go watch the series 3 first episode.



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